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8-12 Oct HOYS Gortlas Rinarinca LW rosetterosette
Countryman MW rosetterosette
About Town Ladies Hunter 5th
About Town MW Hunter 3rd
Tower Bridge HW Hunter 5th
Copycat HW Cob 5th
Night Prayers Large Hack 3rd
Kilnamona Glen Small RH 7th
Made in Ireland Small RH 4th
Brontie Large RH 5th
Sea Ocean’s Field Large RH 3rd
Astrobrava RoR, Small RH 5th, 8th
20 Sept Berkshire County Show About Town MW Hunters rosetterosette
A Lanson Smalls rosetterosette
Countryman (Lucy Lockwood) Ladies rosette
Countryman (Lucy Lockwood) Amateurs 2nd rosette
4 Sept Hunter Champs Tower Bridge HW Nov, 1st Hoys
Kings Court V Ladies rosetterosette
Countryman Ladies rosetterosette
Classic Choice 3 year old, Res Cuddy rosetterosette
About Town MW 2nd
ALanson Smalls 3rd
Ballycrean His Lordship 4 year olds 5th
Barbers Shop RoR rosette
28 Aug Bucks County Clonasee Master Diamond HW Hunter rosette
About Town Ladies rosette
Classic Choice


3 yr old Hunter rosetterosette
21 Aug BSPS Summer Champs Lisesker Streak LW Cob 3rd Copycat HW Cob Made in Ireland Small RH 3rd Fenshaw Grace & Favour 7th 16 Aug Ashbourne Copycat HW Cobs rosette Lisesker Streak LW Cobs 2nd 12/13 July Kent County Gortlas Rinarinca LW rosetterosette Woodfield Indo MW rosette Tower Bridge Novices rosette Copycat HW Cob rosetterosette 9 July Great Yorkshire Show Countryman Ladies rosette 6 July Bury Farm Astrobrava RoR rosette 5 July North of England Copycat HW Cob rosetterosette A Lanson Small Hunters 2nd Gortlas Rinarinca LW 2nd Casanova LW rosetterosette Tower Bridge HW 4th 28 June Hickstead Made in Ireland 2ndrosette Sea Ocean’s Field 2nd Gortlass Rinarinca LW 2nd Night Prayers Hack rosetterosette Night Prayers RoR 2ndrosette A Lanson Small Hunters 5th Clonasee Master Diamond 4th 26 June Royal Norfolk Clonasee Master Diamond rosetterosette Holltess D’lovely Part-Breds rosetterosette About Town LW Hunter 2nd Moss Way ROR 2nd Sea Ocean’s Field Large RH 2nd Copycat HW Cob 3rd Lisesker Streak LW Cob 3rd Astrobrava RH 3rd 18 June Lincoln County Night Prayers Large Hack rosetterosette Brontie Large RH rosetterosette About Town Small Hunters rosetterosette Clonasee Master Diamond 2nd 15 June Three Counties Kilnamona Glen Small RH rosette Countryman MW 2nd A Lanson Small Hunters, Int Hunter Type 2nd, 3rd Kings Court IV Novice Hunter 2nd Copycat HW Cob 3rd Brontie Large RH 4th 6-7 June South of England About Town LW Hunter rosetterosette Oso Crosby Coloureds rosetterosette Kings Court IV Novice Hunters rosette Barbers Shop ROR rosette Made in Ireland Small RH rosetterosette Kilnamona Glen Large RH 3rd Brontie Large Hack 2nd Night Prayers Large Hack 3rd Suffolk County Copycat HW Cob rosetterosette Astrobrava Small RH rosetterosette About Town LW rosetterosette Woodfield Indo MW 2nd Snow Patrol HW 3rd Countryman ladies rosette Brontie Small RH 2nd Moss Way ROR 2nd Astrabrava ROR 3rd Night Prayers Large Hack 2nd 24-25 May Herts County Made in Ireland Small RH rosetterosette Sea Ocean Field Large RH rosette Holltess D’lovely Small Hack rosetterosette Gortlass Rinarinca LW 2nd Tower Bridge HW rosette Kings Court V Sport Horse 2nd 22-24 May Devon County Take Two 4 yr Hunter rosette Copycat HW Cob 3rd About Town Ladies , LW 3rd, 5th Countryman MW, Ladies 4th, 6th 5 May College Spring Show Night Prayers ROR 2ndrosette Tower Bridge rosette Gortlass Rinarinca rosetterosette Sea Ocean Field RH 2nd Langler Diadem Novice Hack 6th 3 May BSHA Spring Show About Town Hunter rosetterosette Countryman Amateurs 2nd Kilnamona Glenn RH 4th Sea Ocean Fields RH 6th A Lanson Small Hunters rosette 27 Apr NPS area 14 Night Prayers 2ndrosette Clonasee Master Diamond rosette Lisesker Streak LW Cob rosetterosette Sea Ocean Field 5th Brontie RH 3rd Kilnamona Glenn Small RH rosette Made in Ireland 5th 26 Apr BSPS Area 14 Oso Crosby Plaited Coloured rosette 5 Apr Brook Farm Morandi Novice Hack rosette Laskier Streaker Novice Cob rosetterosette Kings Court V Open Hunter rosette A Lanson Small Hunter 3rd Woodfield Indo MW Hunter 3rd Copycat HW Cob 2nd Time Traveller Novice RH 2nd Tower Bridge Novice Hunter 2nd Kilnamona Glenn Open RH rosette 30 Mar PUK Winter Championships Gortlass Rinarinca LW Hunter rosetterosette Morandi Novice Hack, RoR 3rd, 4th Lisesker Streak LW Cob, Novice Ridden 3rd, 6th Kings Court V Novice Hunter 2nd Copycat HW rosetterosette Made in Ireland Small RH 2ndrosette

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