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Results for 2015

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Key: rosette First Place


21st    BSPA Festival of Showing College Show ground
Doyle rosette & Champion RIHS ticket
Sparkie rosette RIHS ticket
Jimmy rosette RIHS ticket
Spirit rosette RIHS ticket
Cobba rosette RIHS ticket
Tom 2nd
Ralph rosette Middle wt RIHS ticket
rosette Amateurs
We also took Lordie and Testimony for a ride around


5th    Showing Show    Brook Farm
DJ rosette RIHS ticket
Fergal rosette & reserve
Lordie 2nd RIHS ticket
Tower Bridge 2nd
7th & 8th    South of England Spring
Bronte rosette & Champion RIHS ticket
Barbers Shop rosette ROR
rosette Ladies RIHS ticket
Eric rosette & Champion amateur
Tower Bridge rosette RIHS ticket
Jinx rosette
Lordie 2nd
Testimony 3rd Open
Tom 3rd
Choco 3rd
Ralph placed
12th    BSPS Suffolk
Ralph rosette Amateurs
2nd Open Middle wt
Sky 2nd & reserve Hack
Finn 2nd Equifest
Jinx 3rd
12th    Osbaldeston
A trip to Lancashire with Barbers Shop for the ROR section, he was rosette and took a HOYS ticket
16th    BSPS Area 15A   Patchetts
Sky rosette & Champion ISRT RIHS ticket
Sparkie rosette & Champion ISRT RIHS ticket
Jinx 2nd
18th    BSHA Grass Roots show Addington
Bronte rosette & Champion amateur
rosette& reserve open RIHS ticket
Lordie 2nd
Fergal 2nd
19th    BSPS Area 15    Brook Farm
Tom 2nd RIHS ticket
Jimmy 2nd
Jinx 3rd
26th    NPS area 14    Ashfields
Begley rosette & reserve Light wt RIHS ticket
Spirit rosette
Ralph 3rd
Bruno 5th Light wt cob
Minty 5th Middle wt cob


3rd    BSPS area 7  Addington
Sky 5th ISRT
4th    Showing Show – College
Ringo rosette & reserve RIHS ticket
Spider rosette & champion Sports Horse
Sport rosette amateur
4th Opens SRH
Tower Bridge 2nd
Ginger 2nd and 2nd
Finn 2nd Novice hunter
Cobba 3rd (Will Morton rosette young rider)
Minty 4th
BSPA   Patchetts
10th    South Suffolk
Lordie rosette & reserve RIHS ticket
Fergal rosette
Sport 3rd
Gracie 4th
13th – 17th  Royal Windsor
Lordie 3rd Novice Hunter
Tower Bridge 3rd Novice Hwt Hunter
3rd Open Hunter
Ringo 3rd Ltwt Hunter
About Town rosette & reserve
Barbers Shop 2nd Ladys
rosette ROR
Bronte rosette Amateurs
Doyle 2nd Small riding horse
Jimmy rosette Ladies Show horse
2nd Amateurs
Gracie 5th Small RH
Jinx 2nd 15hh show hunter pony
21st    Devon County
About Town rosette Mwt Hunter & Champion HOYS ticket
Begley 2nd Ltwt Hunter
rosette Ladies Hunter HOYS ticket
Spirit rosette Hwt Hunter HOYS ticket
Micheal 2nd Ladies
5th Mwt Hunter
Jimmy 5th Ladies
23rd & 24th    Herts County
Lordie rosette Novice Hunter & reserve
Spirit rosette Hwt Hunter
Ninja 3rd Large RH RIHS ticket
Doyle 2nd Small RH
Gracie 3rd Small RH
Sport 5th Small RH
25th    Surrey County
Begley rosette Ltwt Hunter & Champion
Lordie rosette Novice Hunter
Spirit rosette Hwt Hunter & Reserve
Tom rosette Hwt Cob & Champion
Bronte rosette Large RH & Champion
27th & 28th    Suffolk
Ringo rosette Lwt Hunter & reserve
Sparkie rosette Large Hack & champion
Ninja Sports Horse
Working Show horse
Gracie Small RH
31st    Rutland
Spirit rosette Hwt & Champion
Begley rosette Ltwt Hunter
Ralph rosette Mwt Hunter & reserve
Minty rosette Ltwt Cob & Champion RIHS ticket
Gracie 4th Small RH
A Lanson 2nd Small Hunter


3rd & 4th    Royal Cornwall
Ringo rosette Ltwt Hunter & reserve
Tower Bridge 2nd Hwt Hunter
Barbers Shop 2nd Ladies
Micheal rosetteLadies
6th    Midland Countys
Jimmy 2nd Ladies Hunter
Gracie 3rd Small RH RIHS ticket
12th & 13th    South of England
Fergal 2nd Sports Horse
Gracie 5th
Sparkie 3rd
4th Intermediates
Sky 3rd Intermediates
24th    Lincolnshire Show
Barbers Shop HOYS ticket
Cobba 3rd
Sparkie 4th
Gracie 5th
Finn rosette Novice Hunter
Tower Bridge
Ralph 5th
26th – 28th    Hickstead Derby Meeting
Tom 2nd HOYS ticket
Lordie 2nd Lt wt hunter HOYS ticket
Cobba 2nd & Reserve champion
Doyle 3rd
Sport 5th Small RH
Sparkie 4th Large Hack


1st & 2nd    Royal Norfolk
Bobbi rosette & Champion 3yr old riding horse
Supreme In hand
Tower Bridge rosette & Champion HOYS ticket
Barbers Shop rosette & Champion Ladies RIHS 2016 ticket
Doyle rosette & Champion Small RH HOYS ticket
Countryman 3rd Lt wt Hunter
6th Ladies
Tom 3rd Heavywt Cob
Cobba 3rd Lt wt Cob
Mitton Springtime 7th New Forest ridden
4th & 5th    North of England
Sparkie 5th
Sport rosette & Champion
Bronte 2nd & Reserve
Spider 2nd
Ralph 2nd Amateurs & 5th Open
10th – 12th – Kent County
Doyle rosette & Reserve
Bobbi rosette & Champion
Ringo rosette & Champion
Tom rosette & Champion
Cobba rosette & Reserve
Spirit rosette
Bronte 2nd HOYS ticket
Ralph 2nd Ladies astride & 2nd Mdwt
Jimmy 3rd Ladies & 4th
22nd – Festival of Hunting
Finn rosette & Champion
Spider 3rd
DJ 4th MWts
Michael 5th Ladies
Rupert 4th Novices
26th  Mid Herts
Brontie – 2nd Amateurs & 2nd Open
29th – 1st  Royal International
Chocco 2nd
Tom 3rd
Brontie 2nd
Tower Bridge 5th
Barber Shop 2nd Ladies


13th & 14th  Stoneleigh
Spirit rosette & Champion
Brontie rosette & Champion & Reserve Supreme
Choco 2nd
Barber Shop 2nd
Tom 2nd
Gus rosette & Champion in hand
Bobbi 2nd in hand
18th  Wales & West
Spirit 3rd
Michael 4th
Rupert 5th
22nd & 23rd  Hunter Championships
Micheal rosette & Reserve Ladies
Rupert 2nd
Spider 3rd
Bobbi 3rd Sports horse
3rd Hunter in hand
Gus 3rd Sports horse
3rd Hunter in hand
27th  Bucks County
Tom rosette & Champion
Minty  2nd
Michael  5th
Bobbi rosette & Champion in hand
Gus 2nd
29th & 30th ROR Championships
Barber Shop rosette & Champion Supreme ROR
Reserve  Elite series final
31st  Edenbridge & Oxted
Tom rosette & reserve
Cobba 2nd


5th Moreton in Marsh
Choco 2nd
Tom  3rd
6th – Burghley
Barber Shop 4th ROR
10th – 13th BSHA Championships
Michael 2nd
Ringo  2nd
Stella 4th
Doyle 2nd Int Hunter type
4th RH
Sport 3rd
Brontie rosette & Champion amateur
Reserve Supreme
Cobba 3rd
Tom 3rd Classic supreme
Minty 2nd
Testimony rosette in hand
Gus 2nd Sports Horse
Reserve in hand
2nd Hunter & Reserve in hand
Bobbi rosette & Champion in hand
19th  Royal County of Berkshire
Begley rosette RIHS 2016 ticket
Michael  2nd & Champion
Tower Bridge rosette & Champion RIHS 2016 ticket


7th – 11th   Horse of the year Show
Michael 2nd & reserve Ladies
Ringo 3rd
Barber Shop 3rd ROR
Brontie 4th
Tom 5th
Cobba 5th


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