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Results for 2016

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 HOYS  5-9 Oct Barbers Shop  RoR  rosette
 Bronte  RH  rosette
 BHSA  14 Sept  Copycat  HW  4th
 National  Brontie  Amateur large RH, Classic  rosette, 5th
 Championships  Quoquasidor  Rising Stars  2nd
 Made in Ireland  HOYS  4th
 Assagart Queens Speech  Novice RH Class  4th
 Greenhall Emperor  Novice Class  placed
 Moondance Royale  Classic Supreme Small Hack  8th
 Donation  Inhand RH  rosette
 Gracemhors William  Inhand ID  rosette
 Lancer  I hand  2nd
 Sparkler  Inhand  2nd
 Beans  Coloured InHand  rosette
 Knightsbridge  Classic Supreme  5th
 Knightsbridge  Novice Cobs  3rd
 Barbers Shop  Ladies  3rd
 Tower Bridge  HW  3rd
 About Town  MW  rosette
 Gortglass Rinarinca  LW  2nd
 EPA Sonny Bill  Int SH  2nd HOYS
 EPA Sonny Bill  Small Hunter 3rd
 Mister Friendship  Small Hunter  7th
 Classic Choice  Novice Hunter  3rd
 Edenbridge  29 Aug  Classic Choice  Novice Hunter  rosette
 Mr Friendship  Small Hunter  2nd
 Knightsbridge  LW Cobs  rosetterosette HOYS
 About Town  MW  rosetterosette
 Ballycreen His Lordship  LW  2nd HOYS
 SHB GB Champs  Gracemhors William  Inhand rosette
 Ashbourne  20 Aug  Major Look  LW Cobs  rosette HOYS
 Sonny Bill  Small Hunters  rosetterosette HOYS
 Stoneleigh  Major Look  LW Cob  4th
 Greenhall Emperor  Large RH  3rd
 Brontie  rosetterosette
 Epic Tale  Small RH  rosette
 Anton Little Astaire  Small Int/SRT Class  rosette
 Temple Garden  Large Hack  rosette
 Bakewell  2 Aug  Major Look  Cobs  2nd
 Obi  Maxi Cobs  rosette
  RIHS  26-31 July  Bronte  Amateur RH  rosette
 Brontie Open RH rosette
 Made in Ireland  Small RH  2nd
 Kent County  11 July  Brontie  Small RH  2nd rosette
 Gracemhors William  Inhand  2nd
 Donation  Inhand  rosetterosette
 Sparkler  Inhand  4th
 Lancer  yearlings  6th
 Gortlass Rinarinca  LW  rosette rosette
 Tower Bridge  HW  rosette
 Kings Court V  LW  2nd
 Ringo  rosette
 Mister Friendship  Small Hunter  rosette
 Coachman  Cobs Maxi  rosette  Hoys
 Woodfield Choice  LW Cobs  rosetterosette
 Knightsbridge (Chris)  LW Cobs  3rd
 North of England  Ballycreen His Lordship  LW  2nd
 Woodfield Choice  Cobs  3rd
 Major Look  Cobs  6th
 Royal Norfolk  29 June  Gracemhors William  Inland Small Hunters  rosetterosette
 Made in Ireland  Small RH  rosetterosette
 Greenhalls Emperor  Open  3rd
 About Town  MW  2nd
 Tower Bridge  HW  rosetteHoys
 Hickstead Derby  24 June  Copycat  HW Cobs  rosetteHoys
 Major Look  3rd
 Mister Friendship  Small RH  3rd
 Made in Ireland  Small RH  2nd Hoys
 Bronte  Large RH  5th
 Lincoln County  22 June  About Town  MW Hunters  rosetteHoys
 Classic Choice  Novice Hunter  3rd
 Mister Friendship  Small  2nd
 Woodfield Choice  3rd
 Made in Ireland  3rd
 Stretcholt  12 June  Barber Shop  RoR  rosetteHoys
 Derbyshire Festival  12 June  Barber Shop  Ladies rosetteHoys
 South of Eng  10 June  Donation  3 yr old Sports Horse In hand  2nd
 Classic Choice  Novice Hunters  rosette
Made in Ireland Small 4th
 Bronte  RH  rosetterosetteHoys
 Copycat  HWCobs  rosette
 Suffolk County  1-2 June  Kings Court  Hunters  rosetterosette
 Mister Friendship  rosette
 The Classic Choice  Sports Horse  rosette
 CopyCat  HWCobs  3rd
 Gracemhors William  InHand Irish Draught Class   rosette rosette
Gracemhors William   InHand Hunter  rosette rosette
 Donation  3year old in hand  rosette rosette
 Lancer  yearling in hand  2nd
 Sparkler  two year old  3rd
 30 May  Surrey County  The Classic Choice  Novice Hunter  rosette
 The Classic Choice  Open Hunter  2nd RIHS Ticket
 Tower Bridge  HW  rosette rosette
 Mister Friendship  rosetteRIHS Ticket
 CopyCat  HW  rosette rosette
 Bronte  Large RH  rosetterosette
 19-21 May  Devon County  Gortlass Rinarinca  LW Hunter  rosette rosette Hoys
 Kings Court V  LW Hunter  3rd
 Mister Friendship  Smalls  rosette Hoys
 About Town  Middles  2nd
 Imperial Choice  rosette
 Kings Court V  Ladies  rosette Hoys
 Woodfield Choice  LW Cobs  2nd rosette
12-15 May  Royal Windsor  Barber Shop  RoR (National Hunt)  rosetterosette
 Knightsbridge  Novice Cob  2nd
 Woodfield Choice  Open LW Cob  5th
 8 May  South Suffolk  Bronte  rosette
 2 May  Keysoe  Freckleton High Class  PUK RH  rosette
 Assagart Queens Speech  Novice RH  rosette
 Greenhall Emperor  Novice RH  2nd
 Ballycreen His Lordship  PUK Hunter  rosette
 Grafs Espoir  RIHS Coloureds  rosetterosette
 24 April  NPS Area 14  Gortlass Rinarinca  Hunters  2nd RIHS Ticket
 Classic Choice  Novice Hunters  2nd
 Copycat  HWCob  2nd
 Major Look  LW Cob  rosetteRIHS Ticket
 Knightsbridge  Novice Cob. LW Cob  rosette 2nd
 Made in Ireland  RH  3rd
 Brookvale Star Attraction  RH rosetterosetteRIHS Ticket
 Temple Garden  Open Hack  rosetterosetteRIHS Ticket
 17 April  Brook Farm  Temple Garden  Novice Hack  rosette
 Greenmail Emperor  Novice RH  3rd
 5/6 April  South of England  Temple Garden  Novice Hack  rosette
 Assagart Queens Speech  Novice RH  2nd
 Knightsbridge  Novice Cob  rosetterosette
 Assagart First Edition  Novice Show Pony  rosette
 Brookvale Star Attraction  Open RH  5th
 Brontie  Large RH  rosette
 Kings Court  LW  rosette
 Ballycreen His Lordship  LW  2nd
 Imperial Choice  Novice 4 yr old  rosette
 Classic Choice  Novice LW  rosetterosette
 Smokey Rebel  RIHS Young Riders  4th
 Smokey Rebel  Olympia Semi Qualifier  5th
 3 April  Spring Show  Classic Choice  Novice Hunter  3rd
 Ballycreen His Lordship  LW  rosetterosette
 The Cobbit  Novice Cobs  2nd
 Assagart Queens Speech  Novice RH  rosetterosette
 Temple Garden  Novice RH  2ndrosette
 Made in Ireland  RH  3rd
 Brontie  Large RH  2ndrosetteRIHS Ticket
 19/20 Mar  PUK Winter Champs  The Imperial Choice  Novice rosette
 Ballycreen His Lordship  LW rosetterosetteRIHS Ticket
 Major Look  Cobs rosetterosetteRIHS Ticket
 Copycat  HW Cob rosetterosetteRIHS Ticket
 Smokey Rebel  Young Rider, M & M  3rd
 Assagart First Edition  Show Pony  3rd
 Clonasee Master Diamond  HW Hunter  3rd

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