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Results for 2017

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 9 Sept BSHA National Championships  About Town  MW  rosette
 Sonny Bill  hunters, ISHT  2nd, 4th
 Birthday Blues  4 year olds  4th
 Lancer  2 yr old Sport Horse  rosette rosette
 Assagart judgement  Sports Horse  rosette rosette
 Boraradarow Fred  Novice Cob  rosette rosette
 Copycat  Classic Cob Championship  5th
 Brontie  rosette rosette
 Dun the Right Thing  Maxi  5th
 Made in Ireland  Classic RH, Open HOYS  3rd, 2nd
 Free Diamond  inhand Hack, Novice  rosette 4th
 Walk in the Park  young RH  4th
 2 Sept  Morton in the Marsh Boheradurrow Fred  LW Riding Cob  rosette HOYS
 1 Sept  Bucks County  Kings Court  LW  rosette rosette
 Lancer   Hunter Young Stock  rosette rosette
 Assagart Judgement  Sports Horse  rosette rosette
 Sonny Bill  Smalls  rosette
 Free Diamond  Open Hack  4th
 Boheradurrow Fred  LW  5th
 Dun the Right Thing  Maxi  4th
 30 Aug  RoR Championships  Singing Hinnie  Novice  rosette rosette
 Free Diamond  Inhand  rosette
 Rydale Gortglas Rinarinca  LW rosette rosette
 Ballycraen his Lordship  LW  3rd
 About Town  MW  rosette
 19 July  Festival of Hunting  Gortglas Rinarinca  LW  rosette
 Singing Hinnie  Novice RH  rosette
 Made in Ireland  Small RH rosette rosette
Boheradurrow Fred  LW Cob  5th
 Dun the right Thing  Maxi Cob  5th
 Free Diamonds  Novice Hack, RoR  rosette 2nd
 Moondance Royals  3rd
 7 July  Kent County  Lancer  Hunter Young Stock  rosette rosette
 Sparkler  RH  5th
 Brineton Red Beret  Coloureds rosette rosette
 Birthday Blues  Novice Hunters rosette
 Imperial Choice  LW  rosette rosette
 About Town  MW  2nd
 1 July  North of England  Birthday Blues  4yr Hunter  rosette
 Done the Right Thing  rosette
 Made in Ireland  RH  rosette rosette
 Singing Hinnie  Novice RH  rosette
 28-29 June  Royal Norfolk Boheradurrow Fred  LW Cob  2nd
 Copy Cat  HW Cob  rosette rosette
 Lancer  inhand 2yr rosette rosette
 Made in Ireland  RH  3rd
 Walk in the Park  RH  4th
 The Imperial Choice  RH 3rd
 Tower Bridge  rosette rosette
 21-25 June  Hickstead  Knights Bridge  Cobs rosette
Boheradurrow Fred  Novice  5th
 Copy Cat  HW  4th
 Sonny Bill  Small Hunter   rosette rosette
 Brontie Large RH  3rd
 Earl of Grenade  RH  2nd
 Doyle  Small RH  4th
 Imperial Choice  LW  2nd
 Tower Bridge  HW  4th
 Singing Hinnie  ROR (NH)  rosette rosette
 21-22 June  Lincoln  Sweet William  Small Hack  rosette
Boheradurrow Fred  Novice  4th
 Copycat  HW  5th
 8-10 June  South of England  Brontie  Large RH rosette rosette
 Walk in the Park  Open RH  4th
 Brineton Red Beret  Coloureds  4th
 4 June  Rutland County  Imperial Choice  LW   rosette RIHS Ticketrosette
 Knightsbridge  LW Cob  2nd
Boheradurrow Fred  Novice  4th
 Copycat  HW  rosette rosette
 The Cobstopper  Maxi  rosette RIHS Ticket
 The Earl of Grenane  Large RH  rosette RIHS Ticket
 31 May – 1 June  Suffolk County  Gortglas Rinarinca  LW Hunter  rosette
 About Town  MW Hunter  rosette rosette
 Tower Bridge  HW Hunter  2nd
 Carnsdale Kings Empress  Smalls  3rd
 Dun the Right Thing  Open Maxi  2nd RIHS Ticket
 Lancer (In Hand)  2 yr Hunter, 2 yrSports Horse  rosette rosette rosette
 Sparkler (In Hand)  3 yr RH Hack, 3 yr Sports Horse  3rd, 2nd rosette
 29 May  Surrey County  Imperial Choice  Novice Hunters  rosette rosette
 Tower Bridge  HW  rosette
27-28 May  Herts County  Imperial Choice  Novice Hunter  rosette
 Lancer  Inhand Sports Horse 2yo  2nd rosette
 Sparkler  Inhand Sports Horse 3yo rosette rosette
 Clonasee Master Diamond  HW Hunters  3rd
 Novice  rosette
 Brineton Red Beret  Colours  5th
 Made in Ireland  Small RH  rosette rosette
 Open  RIHS Ticket
 Boraradarow Fred  Open  rosette RIHS Ticket
 Copycat  2nd rosette
10-14 May  RWHS  Barber Shop  2017 Supreme
Boheradurrow Fred  Cobs  4th
 Barber Shop  RoR  rosetterosette
 Birthday Blues  4th
 Classic Choice LW  4th
 Imperial Choice  Novice  3rd
 Tower Bridge  HW  2nd
 3 May  Keysoe  Gortglas Rinarinca  LW  rosetterosette
 Walk in the Park  RH  2nd
 Made in Ireland  Open Small RH  rosetterosette
 Brineton Red Beret  Ridden Coloureds  2ndRIHS Ticket
Boheradurrow Fred  Cobs  rosetterosette
 Knightsbridge  LW  rosette
 2 May  Addington  Imperial Choice  Novice  rosette
 Clonasee Master Diamond  HW  rosette
 Ballycraen His Lordship  LW  rosetterosette
 13 April  South of England Boheradurrow Fred  Novice Cob  2nd
 Dun The Right Thing  Novice Cob  5th
 Walk in the Park  Novice RH  2nd
 Brineton Red Beret  Coloured Plaited  3rd
 Imperial Choice  Novice Hunters  rosette rosette
 The Classic Choice  Open LW rosette rosette
 Tower Bridge  Open HW  rosette rosette
 8 April  BSPS Area 16  Lady Margot  Open Hacks  2nd
 Mister Friendship  Hunters rosette RIHS Ticket
 Carnsdale Kings Empress  Hunters, Show Hunter  3rd rosette RIHS Ticket
 Gortglas Rinarinca  LW  rosette RIHS Ticket
 Imperial Choice  open MW  2nd  RIHS Ticket
 5 April  Brook Farm Brontie  RH  rosette rosette
Brineton Red Berret  Large Plaiteds rosette
Boheradurrow Fred  Novice Cob 3rd
 Birthday Blues  Novice Hunter 3rd
 Mister Friendship  Small Hunters  3rd
 Imperial Choice  Open MW  4th
 Dun the Right Thing  Novice Maxi Cob  4th
 25 Mar BSPA  Bronte  RH rosette rosette
Assagart Queens Speech  RH rosette rosette
 Lady Margot  Novice Hack, Large Hack rosette rosette
 The Classic Choice LW  rosette rosette
About Town  MW rosette
 Clonasee Master Diamond  MW 2nd
 Dun the Right Thing  Novice Maxi Cob 2nd rosette
 Knights Bridge  Open LW Cob

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